Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The SpaceX Effect

I literally developed chills viewing the historic launch of SpaceX Heavy Rocket test flight from the Kennedy Space Center recently. The launch project, the brain child of visionary investor and business man Elon Musk, who had always had his eyes on the stars and eventually founded SpaceX in 2002, broke many records including the simultaneous re-entry and landing of the two booster rockets. I’m however not about to take you into the world of aerospace technology.
This was just not another space launch. This was a private sector driven launch of the most powerful rocket in the world with a factor of two comprising of 27 engines generating 5 million pounds of thrust at lift off; the same as 18 Boeing 747 aircrafts combined. I am naturally thrilled about technology and tend to keep up as such but this project was particularly inspiring.
The entire experience threw my mind into hyper thought process mode which resulted in extrapolating some qualities of bold and resourceful entrepreneurship.
1.       Exhibit a relentless passion to succeed.
2.       Have visions that are targeted at creating solutions for generations to come.
3.       Business models are designed to be infinite in development and design.
4.       At every stage of growth, re-invest in your vision.
5.       Risk is an understatement.
6.       It’s not much about re-inventing the wheel, but much more about improving on what exists.
7.       Technology rules in the mind of visionaries.
8.       Humility is a key component of success.

There was however a moment during the countdown to lift-off that hit me. It was the reaction of the team in the observation room. The scream of excitement maintained a high decibel for more than 15 minutes of countdown. The fist throwing and other physical expressions exhibited by the SpaceX Heavy Rocket development team was contagious as I found myself also screaming with them; mentally though.
Each of the team members including the live stream anchors exhibited a strong ‘Ownership’ characteristic. One could clearly see the fanatic expression towards a project born out of teamwork. In this case, the ‘Dream Worked’. It is imperative that the team should consistently and consciously be fanatic about the production and deployment of products. The deployment of new products in any industry should be one of great appreciation and celebration. The passion and sentiments expressed by team members should be positively infectious not only to team members but event to external industry players.
Elon Musk made a great sacrifice on the Heavy Rocket test flight. He sent his beloved Tesla Roadster on an infinite journey knowing fully well that he’ll never feel the thrills of the drive. As a visionary, he has his eyes set on the deep end of the galaxy; way beyond what we on earth can ever phantom.
To ensure that there is an end to a means, the team must see itself as problem solvers and solution builders. They must understand that they are creating solutions to ensure the sustainability of an industry for generations to come. They must exhibit a level of fanatical approach to the brand. This attitude also inspires the ‘Dreamers’ to dream bigger.
Tosan Aduayi is the founder of Trendy Africa Magazine and has actively practiced journalism since 1994

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