Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Billionaire Trump avalanche super Tuesday wins

Donald Trump romped through the second biggest day in American politics – only November presidential elections are grander – etching his name on seven trophies in the Republican party's Super Tuesday display case, and hoping for more. Two prizes, Texas and Oklahoma, have eluded his grasp and went to Ted Cruz, a senator from the Lone Star State. But the rest of the night so far belongs to The Donald.

And Marco Rubio claimed Minnesota's caucuses late into the night. But the rest of the night so far belongs to The Donald. The billionaire real estate tycoon has been declared the GOP primary winner in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. He's leading in one undecided race and two more will end later.
Cruz held on to claim Texas on the strength of an almost single-minded campaign strategy that ceded other southern territories to Trump. Partly as a result, the GOP front-runner's early victories set a blowout pace.

The tea party senator later added Oklahoma to his column in an unexpected development: Trump had out-polled him there a week ago by a dozen percentage points. 

source: dailymail

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