Saturday, January 17, 2015

Teenage girl plans to marry Dad

A young girl who is planning her upcoming wedding may have some trouble getting her mother to attend the ceremony - as she is marrying her father. The unnamed 18-year-old is revealing all the details of her two year relationship with her father in an interview with Science of Us, from how they fell in love and the first time they had sex to what their plans are for the future. And one of those plans she is very certain of - the two will have children. READ MORE 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Breaking News: Another hostage situation in Paris

A gunman claiming to be armed with a Kalashnikov and grenades has taken two people hostage at post office in a Paris suburb.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Twelve people including cartoonists slaughtered in France

At least 100,000 people gathered across France tonight to back an anti-Islamist newspaper whose offices were devastated by a deadly terrorist attack. Suspected Al Qaeda militants massacred 12 people in Paris today - and among those slaughtered was a police officer as he begged for mercy.
Tonight, thousands of people went to Republique Square near the scene to honour the victims, 
holding signs reading 'Je suis Charlie' - 'I am Charlie'. 

It came as a massive manhunt was launched to find the masked attackers, who earlier burst into the Charlie Hebdo offices brandishing Kalashnikovs. Clad all in black with hoods and speaking French, the militants forced one of the cartoonists - at the office with her young daughter - to open the door. Witnesses said the gunmen shouted 'we are from the Al Qaeda in Yemen', and 'Allahu akbar!' - Arabic for 'God is great' - as they stalked the building.