Friday, August 30, 2013

Maryland State USA and Cross River State Nigeria sign Sister State Agreement

The US state of Maryland is home to more than 23 thousand Nigerians according to the Maryland's governor martin O'Malley. June 20th 2013 at the Maryland State Building, Maryland and cross river state - Nigeria signed a memorandum of understanding establishing a sister state relationship between the two communities.

 The Nigerian community is one of the fastest-growing immigrant groups in Maryland, and as their ranks have expanded; so has their prominence and visibility. Now to cement that relationship, Nigeria's cross river state has sealed a friendship pact with Maryland that will promote tourism, agriculture and industry between the two states.

The sister state agreement will provide a forum for economic development, tourism, and cultural understanding through business, high school, and university exchange programs, improvements in health care and more. 

Presiding over the signing ceremony, Maryland governor, martin O'Malley, noted the sister-state relationship between the Maryland and Cross River provides a unique opportunity for Maryland and its citizens.  The governor observed that the West African nation has a history of good diplomatic relations with the United States and the state of Maryland and that the memorandum of understanding between the two states was vital.

The Miss Africa USA Team was honored to be a part of this historical event. The team was present in full force to help with planning and organizing the Signing event.  The African Royal Family mostly from Cameroon, members of the USA North West Fon's Council were also present to show their support. Cameroon and Nigeria are very Close neighbors and share boundaries, common culture more so with the people of Cross River State, it was therefore an honor to support such an initiative.

Source: Lady Kate Njeuma. Report by Paul Ndiho.

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