Sunday, July 7, 2013

Survival rate a miracle on Boeing 777 San Francisco crash

Officials now say they have accounted for all of the 307 people on board an Asiana Airlines flight from Seoul, South Korea, that crashed while landing at San Francisco International Airport on Saturday, killing at least two people. The crash left the runway littered with debris, and forced passengers to jump down the emergency inflatable slides to safety.

In the moments before Asiana Airline Flight 214 crashed while landing at San Francisco's airport, the plane was going too slowly and tried to abort landing, an NTSB official said Sunday. The plane had an excellent air safety record.

While it may be some time before an official conclusion about the cause of the crash is released, there are already many clues about what may have went wrong. Among the evidence collected by officials in the aftermath of the crash is the plane's cockpit voice recorder, currently being analyzed in Washington, D.C.

A top aviation chief claims the large number of survivors had to do with the "structural integrity of the aircraft” and clearly when it finally stopped, the ability to get these people off, the training that the flight attendants actually displayed. We say, it’s clearly a MIRACLE.

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