Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nigerian Movie Director Jeta Amata Named Haiti’s Goodwill Ambassador

Nigerian director Jeta Amata, who is currently helming a film about Haitian founding father Toussaint Louverture, has been named a goodwill ambassador by Haiti President Michel Martelly.
The President bestowed the honour on Amata a ceremony in Port-au-Prince, joined by Haiti Tourism Minister Stephanie Villedrouin, Foreign Minister Pierre Richard Casimir and Culture Minister Josette Darguste.
Amata’s Emperor: The Story of Toussaint Louverture, has a listed budget of $15 million. It is slated to be released in August.

Some proceeds from the film will reportedly be used to fund restoration of historic sites in Haiti.
Amata is one of the most famous filmmakers in Nigeria’s “Nollywood” industry, having recently branched out to cast American stars in some of his films.
“I will not disappoint you,” Amata told Martelly. He called the appointment “the greatest Oscar” he had won.
Many of the film’s scenes will be reportedly be filmed in Haiti.
According to the Internet Movie Database, the film is also using locations in Mauritius, Italy and France.
Amata joins celebrities such as Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova as goodwill ambassadors for Haiti.
Previous works by Amata include; The Amazing Grace, Inale, Black Gold, Black November, and Unconditional Love.

Source: Caribjournal. Photo: PR Photos

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