Monday, February 20, 2012

Man attempts suicide by driving nail into skull

A 32 year old Nigerian Male (name withheld) has miraculously survived a self inflicted bodily harm by driving a 6 inch nail through his skull in an apparent suicide attempt. The young Man is reported to have suffered from depression and was escorted to the emergency room by a relative. The incidence is reported to have occurred in Imo state, Nigeria. A few days after being admitted, the nail was successfully removed by a team of Surgeons at the hospital. The incidence is however not an isolated case.
Actual x ray photo of the patient - white line represents the nail

In 2006, a 44 year old man was referred to the accident and emergency department by the psychiatric services, having claimed to have hammered several nails through his skull over a three month period. The patient had a long history of depression, personality disorder, and previous deliberate self-harm. He had remained well throughout this period and had been cleaning the wounds with weak antiseptic on a regular basis. He had concealed the injuries by wearing a hat. Two days prior to admission he had inserted a much larger 12.7 cm (5 inch) masonry nail and had developed body weakness.

A Trendy Africa Nigeria report.

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