Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How BBC caused crisis in Northern Nigeria

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Hausa Service had been blamed for the riots and confusion in Adamawa State, following its alleged broadcast that the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari, had won the election in Adamawa State, when the electoral commission in the state was still collating results.
The Special Adviser to the Adamawa State Governor, Aminu Iyawa, told journalists that the BBC broadcast was orchestrated to cause mischief and chaos. He said violence erupted after the electoral commission announced Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP as winner in the state.
An indefinite curfew has been imposed in and around Kano, following the outbreak of violence which erupted in the commercial city, resulting in the death of no fewer than two persons.
The Kano State Commissioner of Police, Dan’azumi Doma, announced the emergency security measure, after a meeting of heads of security agencies. The police commissioner said the curfew would be in force until further notice, while warning residents of Kano to remain indoors, as anybody found violating the curfew would be arrested and prosecuted.
“We have imposed an indefinite curfew in Kano State with immediate effect. So all law-abiding citizens are advised, in their own interest, to go to their respective homes and wait for further notice,” he said. As early as 8.00 a.m, on Monday, thousands of irate youths took to the streets, burning homes and mounting roadblocks on some major roads across the city, forcing residents to run for their lives. In most parts of Kano city, especially Hotoro, Badawa, Sharada, Na’ba-wa, and Dakata, the aggrieved youth attacked homes of some supposed pro-Jonathan politicians, in what was now believed to be a clear case of post-election violence.
A combined team of police and army had been drafted to all streets in the state capital, while the situation remained tense, as most streets were empty and businesses under lock and key. 
Activities paralysed in Gombe Also in Gombe, supporters of the CPC, mainly youths, continued their violent activities and burnt down structures belonging to PDP stalwarts as well as government structures and places of worship around the town, killing one policeman in the process.
A divisional police officer of one of the police divisions was also wounded and was currently receiving treat-ment at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Gombe. An eyewitness disclosed that Abuja Quarters was the worst hit, as the rampaging youth targeted the private residence of the state governor, Muhammad Danjuma Goje, as well as houses of other PDP stalwarts in the area, chanting Nigeria sai Buhari.

Source: tribune.com.ng

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Anonymous said...

BBC are nt d cause of our poblems. Unity is our poblem. After a free and fair election we riot, it shows dat our problem is nt bad election process, it's failure to accept defeat. A united force cannot b penetratd by outter forces