Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Giileh transforms passion to lyrics

Giileh Scholz who goes by the stage name “Giileh” prefers to teach and inspire through music. Her latest works titled “Bringing the News” clearly defines her songs with a blend of R&B, soul and a touch of African beat blended together to create captivating melody.
Giileh had commenced public performances in 2008 to promote the album in cities on the East coast of the United States. As the current business development manager of the Sierra theatre productions, she has featured in an ongoing series depicting the Sierra Leonean culture at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC. The Sierra theater production is Sierra Leones first theatre company in the US. Her acting skills she imbibed since childhood is clearly revealed during the theater productions.
At about age 11, Giileh performed as a choreographer until her teenage years and then went on to complete her education. To her long time admirers she is defined as an actress, singer and songwriter. She explains that God has blessed her at every stage of her life and its only right to give him the honor. She has multiple skills in Management, Bachelors in Economics and a Masters in Technology Management. Giileh applies these skills to her music career, embracing music and life’s experience as a total package while adapting to the gospel industry. 
Giileh has recently been a guest on several shows including; the Murphy & amp show featured on Bronx Net TV in New York, the African Gospel concert in Virginia and performed with Josephine Atanga of Cameroon and George Okudi of Uganda.

She has worked closely with "Mother Africa & Her Talents" in the role of a performer and coordinator to ensure the successful launching of a yearly show that will portray the talents of African Designers, Musician, Artists, and Dance groups.

10% of the proceeds of her soon to be released album “Bringing The News” will be donated to Save the Nation, Inc, a 501c (3) Nonprofit organization founded by Giileh - towards the “SEA MOURNERS Project” – geared to providing sustainable solutions to assist the surviving families of the boat tragedy that occurred in the Shenge Area in Sierra Leone, on September 8, 2009 where 200 out of 250 people lost their lives.