Saturday, October 23, 2010

BLOOM: explore your passion with NINA

An all new motivational experience will BLOOM in Atlanta on the 20th of November, 2010. BLOOM is an inspirational and motivational session created by Nina Ijere; a positively energized inspirational speaker.

Join Nina Ijere, Entrepreneur, Success Coach and Motivational Speaker, along with other men and women from across the nation, for this powerful and empowering one-day business seminar. An event that will jump start your success like nothing before, whether you are an existing entrepreneur or thinking about becoming one, this event is for you! Bloom 2010 will empower you with stellar education, inspiration, motivation and networking bar none! To Register visit:

Participate and share in her incredible journey of battling weight gain issues and financial difficulties to becoming one of the top elite marketers, losing over 40lbs and becoming financially independent and retiring from corporate America. You are guaranteed to achieve personal, emotional and professional greatness as you attend.

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