Thursday, October 21, 2010

Abia State Indigenes in Diaspora laud Government Efforts to curb crime wave

Oakland, CA – The Abia State National Association of North America has recently concluded their 2010 Leadership Conference in Oakland, CA. The Association lauded the Nigerian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, and the Abia State Governor, Chief (Dr.) T. A. Orji, on proactive measures employed thus far to arrest the kidnapping issue in Abia State. To maintain the momentum against the forces of evil in the state and promote growth and goodwill within the state, the Association resolved as follows:

·That the Association condemns, unequivocally, the very act of kidnapping, robbery, and rape, and demands that the perpetrators of this heinous crime, with their sponsors, at home and abroad, be held accountable to the fullest extent of all applicable laws within Nigerian legal justice system.

·That the Association is in support of the current heavy military and police presence in Abia State and the Enyimba city of Aba in particular.

·That the heavy military and police presence in Abia State, and the Enyimba city of Aba in particular, should be maintained at least through the month of December, 2010 to allow the complete dismantle of the kidnappers network and create a safe environment to allow Abia State Indigenes in Diaspora pay their usual annual homage to their fatherland during the Christmas Holidays.

·Whereas the Association is currently in full support of the heavy military presence in every nook and corner of our beloved state, the Association believes that the federal and state government should embark on a massive program of economic development and education in Abia State as a way of creating jobs and employment, both of which are crucial in underscoring the fundamental essence of good governance and accountability.

·That the Abia State Government should pay outstanding salaries to teachers and other civil servants to ensure that said teachers and civil servants maintain the effectiveness needed to take care of the various affairs of the state.

·That the Abia State government step up effort to encourage the reopening of businesses that had left the state following the surge of criminality and lawlessness in various parts of the state, and woo investors back as a way of encouraging employment for all Abians, especially the youth.

·Sons and daughters of Abia State in Diaspora are committed to assisting in all constructive efforts aimed at wooing foreign investors to the state as a way of returning the state to its past and enviable glory.

Chief Sam Nwankwo, National President and Mazi Chuks Okereke, National General Secretary

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