Friday, September 17, 2010


Bashorun Dele Momodu has officially applied as presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP. in the 2011 presidential polls. The Labour Party presidential hopeful presented his formal Letter of Intent to the National Chairman of the party, Chief (Dr.) Dan Uwanyanwu on Wednesday September 15, 2010 at the party headquarters in Abuja.

Bashorun Dele Momodu who was accompanied by his Campaign Manager, Ohimai Godwin Amaize and other members of his campaign staff was warmly received at the Labour Party headquarters by the National Chairman, Chief (Dr.) Dan Uwanyanwu; Deputy National Chairman Alhaji Ali Abacha, National Secretary, Alhaji Abdulsalam Abdulkadir Salam. 

Presenting the two-page letter and a series of other documents, Bashorun Dele Momodu extolled the great vision of Labour Party under its current leadership as the last hope of the common man unlike some other parties that have been taken over and corrupted by the highest bidder phenomenon. 

In his response, Chief (Dr.) Dan Uwanyanwu commended the courage, foresight and vision of Bashorun Dele Momodu describing him as a loyal and financial party member since he joined Labour Party early last year. He also noted that by this letter, Momodu is the first member of the party who has so far officially declared his aspiration to be the party's presidential flagbearer in the 2011 presidential election. 



I wish to formally request the pleasure of our great party to be the flag bearer during the Presidential election coming up on January 22, 2011.

I have been a very loyal member of Labour Party since I met you personally in Abuja early last year. I was deeply encouraged by your vision of making the Labour Party the hope of ordinary Nigerians who have been yearning for good governance and accountability. I remember in particular your dream of giving Nigeria her own Obama. 

The time has now come for all members of our party to pick the right candidate who can fulfill the dreams and aspirations of Nigerians. And we must stand out as a party of the common man and not that of the highest bidders who are on the prowl to buy up any available party.

It is for this reason and purpose that I humbly present myself as the perfect choice for this important mission.

Please, permit me to quickly enumerate the basis for my assertion.

  • I hold both First and Second Degrees from the University of Ife, now Obafemi  Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

  • I have worked variously as a teacher, journalist, businessman, publisher, social crusader, public speaker, polemicist, publisher, political activist, etc.

  • I have extensive networks cutting across all strata of society, including government, business, entertainment, media, world leaders, etc.

  • I cut across two regional zones, the South/South and the South/West, with my father from Ihievbe, Edo State, and my mum from Gbongan in Osun State.

  • I represent the delicate religious balance in Nigeria, with my grandparents who were Muslims and parents who were Christians.

  • I’m a fresh blood who has not been tainted by political appointments or public office. Most of the current aspirants carry one negative baggage or the other, with criminal charges dangling on some of them.

  • I have demonstrated the traits of a competent builder with the way I have built a global brand from scratch.

  • I’m one of the most popular Nigerians around today cutting across all ethnic groups. I have interacted with Nigerians at home and abroad in over 60 countries.

  • I have an excellent relationship with local and international media.

  • I would be able to raise funds through the youths who see me as their role model as well as members of the business community who are hoping Nigeria would have a cerebral bridge-builder, a successful businessman, a dependable ideologue and a visionary leader as President, opposed to the rabble-rousers who would further inflame our polity.

  • My candidacy would enjoy worldwide appeal and acclaim.

  • I have a formidable collection of campaign materials and they are ready to be deployed as soon as I’m privileged to secure the ticket of our great party.

Other relevant materials are attached.

Sir, I would be most delighted to answer any further enquiries on this application.

Together we shall move this nation to greater heights. 

Best wishes.



1. The Technocrat: He is the man who without access to public funds, successfully built a brand in less than 10 years from zero level to Superbrand status.

2. The Democrat: He is the man who has proven himself a tested, trusted and tried democrat. We cannot forget how he was thrown into detention and almost lost his life for the June 12 struggle.  He was also forced into exile in London.

3. The Politician: He is the man we describe as the experienced politician who understands the art of politics well enough but has not been corrupted by power. He connects effortlessly with all classes of the Nigerian people.

4. The Media Icon: He is the man who has contributed over 2,000 essays to national discourse on all issues affecting Nigeria. He has caused a major revolution in African publishing. 

5. Mr. Integrity: He is the man who stands proven in business as an enterprise builder committed to the values of integrity. No business has ever failed in his hands. His business associates attest to his uprightness and he has made a success of all his business concerns. 

6. Mr. Transparency: He is a true homeboy who has made his personal life and conduct open to all without pretending to be who he is not. Our Bob Dee: friend of the rich; brother to the poor. 

7. A Large Heart: He is the dream builder and philanthropist who within his modest resources has empowered others to stand on their own. 

8. A Global Citizen: He is a world-traveller, a worthy son of Africa, and ambassador plenipotentiary for Nigeria. A friend of many nations, respected by presidents and world leaders.

9. A Worthy Protégé: He is the loyal godson of Nigeria's martyr of democracy and has become MKO Abiola's biggest gift to Nigerian politics. 

10. The Underrated: He is the dark horse but now the game-changer in Nigerian politics. He is the man who holds the key to the new Nigeria of our dreams. He remains resolute and motivated by the possibilities available for a new Nigeria. 

11. Harbinger of Change: He is the embodiment of HOPE in a new Nigeria; the symbol of unity for a one Nigeria.   

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Auto Sales Decline in the USA

August 2010 has been declared the worst month for auto sales in the USA since 1983 when the country was at the end of a double-dip recession. Major auto brands in the USA including GM, Toyota, Honda and Ford all reported declines from July.

Sales actually fell about 5% in August as compared to July 2010. Barely a year ago, the Governments "cash for Clunkers" program boosted auto sales especially for fuel efficient cars by offering rebates for up to $4,500 for trade-ins.

High unemployment and the shaky housing market have made American's reluctant to spend money. Overall, sales at ford were down 5% from July and 11% from last August. At Toyota, sales dropped 34% compared with last August and 12% from July. For Nissan, Subaru and KIA, sales fell about 7% while for Honda, 3% was the drop in sales value.
 by Tosan Aduayi for flowtran Global.