Monday, December 28, 2009

See Wetin Farouk don Cause

Una see me see wahala o! Becos our person carry small gunpowder for plane to injure himself, all of us don become suspect. Una hear wetin happen recently? One of we people chop leaf for transatlantic flight na im e bele begin pain am. One hour to landing, bros still dey for toilet.

On dat note, dem take am as suspect, detain am, search am for some hours then eventually, release am. Na di problem we dey o! Na so e go bi for some time.

So my advice;

1. go on compulsory fasting before transatlantic flight

2. avoid all di medemede ingredients for baggage.

3. snuff is a no no

4. make una no sit down near wing

5. no use blanket cover ya body

6. make una no drink red wine and too much minerals

7. if you see dog, make you standa kampe.

8. make sure say piss time no pass 5 mins

9. wear jeans and t shirt

10. no look people eye too much

God go helep us o!
By Tosan Aduayi, Publisher, Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and www.trendyafrica.comFor Inquiries, please call +1 817 538 2145

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Actuate the Ratings for Nigeria

The fallout's from the extremist attempt by Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab over the American skies is far from over. The rules for travellers suddenly changes. Screening has intensified. You can't event get a piss within an hour from landing. Hey, no more red wine in excess and for coke lovers; that's it.

For those who carry Nigerian passports, I can only imagine. Okay. It's been Nigeria on all the news networks like never before. It's true that there in no news better than bad news. This even overshadowed the fact that the Nigerian president has been incapacitated for a while now. Who cares? Bomber comes into the scene; WE GET ALL OVER.

Thanks to the International media for giving Nigeria some Free Ratings and Exposure. This is our opportunity to SPEAK OUT on a positive note. Lets take advantage of the hype...In the USA, we have the best Pediatric, cardio vascular and bariatric surgeons, we have kids excelling in MIT, Columbia and Harvard, Sports is another story...the list is endless. Do not let one bad apple spoil the bunch. God Bless.

By Tosan Aduayi, Publisher, Trendy Africa. Trendy Africa is a Multi Media Production Company based in Texas and are Publishers of Trendy Africa Magazine, Trendy Africa Fashion Xtra and
For Inquiries, please call +1 817 538 2145

GREENER pastures…the way of the world

I am not trying to orchestrate the antics of the incredible Hulk neither am I trying to be a praying mantis in its deceptively camouflaged green skin. All I am simply indemnifying is an approach at inculcating the virtues of my immediate community.

The editorial team at Trendy Africa clearly understands the need to portray some level of social responsibility and as such we believe that the least we can do is to use our media outlet to educate and propagate the values of a GREEN EARTH.

I do not intend to go technical but it is imperative that I explain in simple words what this is about. Going Green basically means the ability to become environmentally friendly by today’s standards. This may be achieved by using less fossil fuels and not sending non bio degradable trash to the landfills or dumps. For instance, most grocery stores have adopted the use of re usable bags instead of the regular plastic bags that are non degradable. There is also a shift to the use of recyclable plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

Essentially, to “Go Green” is to adopt a mindset that is environmentally conscious. The idea is that when you are eco conscious, you will tend to make decisions that are more in tune with the environment, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Over the years, the earth’s population has continued to grow thus leading to extensive dependence on energy. Energy in turn is generated via the use of burning natural gas, oil, and coal which produce high levels of pollutants. Most of this waste has affected the ozone layer which is supposed to protect the earth form harmful rays from the sun. Other wastes pollute the soil and water which in turn affects the human food chain.

To prevent this, there is a shift to the use of solar panels which taps the suns heat and converts it to solar energy, Geo thermal energy which is a product from the heat under the earth, bio fuel and wind energy all of which produce zero or insignificant waste.

While some have seen the green concept as another global political scheme, studies have actually revealed that a shift to the green concept will reduce the depletion of living things on earth. Incentives are also given by some nations towards ensuring a greener earth. The Spanish Government for instance has earmarked $2.2M for green transportation initiatives. They also offer free parking to all electric vehicles. The US government has released a loan of $529M to Fisker Automotive for the production of plug in hybrid vehicles.

We at Trendy Africa have resolved to incorporate “Green” products in our production process with items such as bio degradable ink and recyclable paper.
In the spirit of Greener Pastures, we dedicate this edition to the green clean movement of the earth in our own unique trendy fashion.

This piece is the Publishers intro of our current Magazine edition Issue 4

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Year That Was

The year of the Lord, Two Thousand and Eight has come and gone. And what a year it was! At the end of the year, I was ruminating on the happenings from the past 12 months-the good, the not-so-good and the downright tragedies. This was no spring season, 2008 came in with a roar and ended with a bang.

It came in with a roar when on the night of January 3rd 2008, the whole world sat up to take notice when the scrawny black guy from Chicago toppled the Democratic Dynasty and came in first in the Iowa Primaries, giving a speech that left the hair on everyone’s skin raised. It left with a bang with the exposure of the largest, longest-running Ponzi scheme that left us wondering about otherwise intelligent people-what were they thinking? Was it avarice or a touch of stupidity or both?

An elderly acquaintance of mine who also happened to be Nigerian reminded me during a casual conversation that it was a Leap Year. ‘Strange things happen in a Leap Year’ she said, ‘we will not see these things again for another four years’. Mmmm…folk wisdom, you may say but I took a good look at this woman and went back to my office scratching my head. Putting aside my religious stand on astrology for a second, I decided to think about the possibility of a connection between Leap Years and unexpected happenings. Could this really explain the unprecedented bad and the ugly seen in this extra-ordinary year?

A year that heralded the collapse of Capitalism as we’ve always known it leaving senior apostles and evangelists of the financial doctrine biting their tongues during congressional hearings on what went wrong. Global financial strangulations, free-falling stocks, dried-up pension funds, job losses, home foreclosures, premature deaths, and all the negativities that came in 2008? Surviving the year alive and in good health was a cause for celebration and gratitude to God. I wish I could agree with my colleague on the Leap Year theory but my faith tells me it took more than the alignment of the stars.

But what about the good? The election of a first generation American of African heritage as POTUS? True, there have been first-generation American Presidents of European descent but the election of the son of an African man in a country where a good number of people still think of Africa as a place where people live on trees makes you wonder about divine ordination. The Olympic Opening Ceremonies are always worth looking forward to every four years, but I feel a deep compassion for the United Kingdom, slated next to live up to the extra-ordinary, spectacular and unbelievable Beijing Opening Ceremonies. I wish them luck.

My favorite fixation in 2008? The introduction of PALINESE into the American lexicon. Palinese is defined as a mish-mash of incoherent words and thoughts that do not convey any particular message in response to specific questions. When delivered from a pretty face, your knee-jerk reaction is to;
a) leave your jaws wide open in disbelief for 5 minutes at the risk of Temporo-mandibular dysfunction;
b)pinch yourself to check if you are in real time and space or
c) merely shake your head and close your eyes.

On the other hand, if you are from the opposing camp, you ogle at the combination of gorgeous beauty and determined grit and ignore that there was no substance in what you just heard. Whatever be the case, if only for the ability to consistently deliver these contrasting reactions, methinks the Wasilla Wonder Woman (W3) deserved to be TIME magazine’s 2008 Person of the Year. The Democrats must have felt upon her introduction to the world in August 2008, that Santa had come early. Between the fixation on Palinese and the economic catastrophe, the lucky winds shifted their way en-masse.

So long 2008! We welcome President Barack Hussein Obama and wish him all the best as he begins the hard work of actualizing his campaign promise of CHANGE. We underestimated him as being up to the task prior to his historic Iowa Primary win in January 2008. With the brilliant team he has put together, we will not underestimate him again. GO BARACK GO!!!

By MaryAnn Yonkers (