Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Religious sentiments send Nigeria into Reverse mode: scraps economically beneficial $10M Film Village

This decision really breaks my heart for a country that is unofficially in a recession and one that should be looking for all viable avenues to generate sustainable GDP and economic growth. This was the same reason that a Miss World Pageant was aborted in Abuja. What excuse does religions have to once upon a time allow grown Men to indulge in wedlock's with minors but would not allow youths to exploit their God given talents and potentials?

Nigeria just scraped a $10M film festival project billed for Kano after Muslim Clerics protested and argued that the project would encourage outsiders “to come and practice immorality and destroy our values.” The plans for the 50-acre site were unveiled in mid-July, with promoters describing their intention to build a world-class cinematic facility for Kano, the economic hub of northern Nigeria, and home to a vibrant Hausa-language film industry, known as Kannywood.

The proposed film village would boast facilities like a state-of-the-art sound stage, as well as a mix of recreational attractions, including a shopping mall, a sports stadium, and a hotel. Developers said the project would create thousands of jobs for the region. But the blueprint quickly met with a backlash from conservative clerics in the predominantly Muslim north.

Meanwhile, some ‘Kannywood’ players were beneficiaries of the N700M grant by previous administration to boost the entertainment industry. The investors should consider southern states for the much needed Film Village in Nigeria. What a comedy of errors. 

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