Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On the Massacre of defenseless pupils in Nigeria

Dear President GEJ, I sincerely share my grief with you. The recent assassination of innocent pupils in Northern Nigeria defiles all reasonable logic to say the least. Even in the worst of wars, defenseless children are never the targets.

The recent round up and brutalization of students in Yobe is one too many. Your Excellency, I am of the honest opinion that every day you hear the cock crow reminds you of the oath you took as the commander in chief and presiding officer of 170 million folks and still counting.

Giving the prevailing circumstances, it’s no more about black or white, who is from where or not, or who serves or worships who or what. This is about the ELIMINATION of the future of a GREAT NATION. This is not a blame game, nor is it an attempt to make a political statement. In fact, there is so much to write but tears in my eyes with the thoughts of those innocent children would not allow for more than a few paragraphs.
President Goodluck Jonathan - GEJ

Sir, I hope you constantly think about the word; LEGACY. If there is one that will immortalize your name, it will be bringing this carnage to an END. You must not and never allow for a defeatist tendency to permeate out of your office.

I am not sure who really advice's you with your interest at heart but the following are just my humble suggestions with specific reference to the recent heart wrenching events that has attracted international attention.

-         - Ensure that all students who have been slaughtered recently because of their in born passion to learn be accorded a befitting State burial. The future of the Nation has to be accorded some respect. I am sure you are aware of the Newtown USA episode and the concern shown by the Presidency.

-        -  Beef up security around any form of educational institution in the country; in all geographical zones. Events have shown that it could happen anywhere.

-        -  Institute massive campaigns to educate the citizenry of the affected areas about being each other’s watchdog. I have come to realize that the perpetrators of these acts also have blood running through their veins but maybe at a different pressure level.

-          -Sir, all politics aside, all State Governors who receive massive security votes should be accountable to such occurrences in their domain. Security is security and it’s for the entire citizenry and not for the state house alone.

-         - I can only imagine the level of deliberations going on to stem this epidemic but don’t fail to continue the use of modern surveillance technology and social media. We have read that the perpetrators have gone as far as pulling down mobile phone masts to stem communications. Sir, you are the President of the Richest black nation in the world and I am certain you can afford a few drones with Ariel photographic and surveillance technology (not those with war heads though).

You hold the mantle at this time and I wish you well.

Yours sincerely,
Tosan Aduayi

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