Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Project Walk: Lizzy Oke on a Mission

It's been a journey of hope and determination for Elizabeth Oke. She was that young Lady who featured prominently on Hi5; the pre-facebook social networking site.

Today, she goes about her daily chores on a wheel chair. No thanks to spinal cord injuries she sustained from an auto wreck on the Dallas-Oklahoma highway in 2008.
Strong, courageous and determined, Lizzy has maintained her faith that she will walk again.

That determination has gotten her involved with  'PROJECT WALK'. 

According to Lizzy, the therapy sessions at 'project walk' are not cheap so she has launched a fundraiser to enable her undertake two months of 'extreme therapy'.

 To assist with her goal, kindly GET LIZZY BACK TO PROJECT WALK.

Lizzy Oke prays that as you donate and with your prayers, she will get back on her feet and walk AGAIN!

God Bless as you do so.

1 comment:

Lizzy Oke said...

Thank you so very Much for Sharing!
God Bless you. I Appreciate this and I appreciate everyone that donates and shares this with their friends.

Every Amount Counts.
Please go donate if you can.