Wednesday, April 4, 2012

LAND RUSSLE: Gbenga Daniel May Exhume Dad's Corpse for Re-burial

The last may not have been heard about Abrahams Tabernacle built on plots of land owned by others. Event surrounding the construction of the controversial Abrahams Tabernacle has taken a new turn as the Aina's family pledged to ensure that Abrahams Tabernacle built by the embattled former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, is removed from their family land. This may mean that Otunba Gbenga Daniel may have to exhume his father's remains for re-burial.

The land on which the church is on was owned by the late Dr Aina. The deceased bought the land through Surveyor Aina and obtained all the necessary documentation from the Ogun State government. But when Daniel needed some plots in Sagamu GRA, he approached the late Dr Aina through his brother Surveyor Aina. Dr Aina refused to sell. He later fell sick and died mysteriously.

Otunba Daniel renewed his interest in the Sagamu GRA plots of land. In order to discourage Daniel from trying to force a sale, the children and other family members decided to bury the deceased on the plots of land.

In January 2010, Daniel renewed his interest in the land. He needed to build a church in honor of his father. The late Dr Aina's land would serve his purpose as the land was facing the dual carriageway. The former Governor issued a C of O to his family and sent in the bulldozers. He stationed armed police officers to guard plots 1 to 10 grabbed from their owners. He forgot to revoke the late Dr Aina's title. 

The family protested and begged OGD that their late father Dr Aina was buried on one of the plots of land over-looking the main road. OGD's friend Surveyor Aina pleaded with Daniel to no avail. All the constructions on the different plots of land were leveled. Daniel built a fence to secure all the plots grabbed from their owners. 

The Abrahams Tabernacle today is built on the grave of Dr Aina. Angry family members are insisting that they won't sell the land to Daniel as their father was buried on the land. Daniel has approached his friend Surveyor Aina to plead with other family members to save him from the humiliation of having to demolish the church and also exhume's Pa Daniel's remains from the land. But defiant family members told Daniel to remove the church as he knowingly built it on their father's grave. They insisted that they will not sell the plot of land on which Pa Daniel was buried.

Without the church buying the land from the owners, it may not be possible for Abrahams Tabernacle to obtain a C of O as directed by the Ogun State White Paper on the report of the Justice Akinyemi judicial Commission on Lands and Acquisitions.Sources in Sagamu said Daniel was frustrated by the refusal of the late Dr Aina's family to sell the land. Hence he has solicited the support of Chief Adebisi Adesanya and the Akarigbo of Remoland to pressure the family to sell the plots.

Otunba Gbenga Daniel became a friend of Surveyor Aina shortly after clinching the PDP gubernatorial ticket for Ogun State. He was introduced to Surv Aina by Age Omo Lemomu widely believed to be working for Adamu Ciroma at that time. The former Chairman of Sagamu LG, Akintan, was also in attendance. Daniel wore a blue guinea brocade on the day he visited Surveyor Aina in his Sagamu GRA house. He knew the late Dr Aina through his brother. Both Age Omo Lemomu and Dr Aina died mysteriously. 

Source: Naijanews

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