Saturday, September 17, 2011

Service of Songs for Ma Esther Adeyi 1932-2011

Grand Prairie - Family and friends of the Adeyi family gathered at the RCCG Christ Church in Grand Prairie Texas for an evening of prayers and service of songs for Late Esther Adebimpe Ayankemi Adeyi. Friends of Wole and Bambo Adeyi had spent weeks ensuring that proceedings of the evening went on as scheduled.

Tributes by the children and close family members formed part of the highlights just as Mrs. Bambo Adeyi rendered a special song for the departed. The well attended event featured hymn's including "abide with me" and "shall we gather at the river".


by Tosan Aduayi

Friday, September 9, 2011

Where were you on 9.11.01?

Where were you on the 11th of September 2001? I was at my Auto Workshop in Lagos going through customers unpaid invoices early in the morning and already very agitated. On my desk was a very inconspicuous 9 inch black and white T.V which served as an occasional distraction.

Suddenly, the news flash came on one of the local stations. It sounded like a scene from a movie even though no one had ever visualized such a script. The reality of the situation eventually dawned on me. That was the most unimaginable moment of my entire life till date. 

In days that followed, heart rendering photos of victims in uncompromising situations were published. Imaging viewing helpless people jumping from the burning buildings to their death; or those waving objects through smoked filled windows moments before the buildings collapsed…still cannot comprehend. I posed the question on my facebook page where several respondents have already expressed that moment in history in their own perspective.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Nigerian nabbed with fresh human parts in Ghana

Accra - Nigeria’s image has yet again suffered a horrible blow in Ghana following the arrest of one Alhaji Rasheed Bello and his wife by the police in Yamoransa, near Cape Coast. Bello’s activities in the last few days became suspicious to his neighbours and since he was known to be a herbalist, no one dared confront him, rather, they called the police and reported their suspicions.

Unknown to Bello and his wife, the police had placed them under surveillance. According to the District Police Officer, “after we got the tip off, we got into the house and surprisingly, we saw pieces of human parts including hands and legs in a Ghana Must Go bag still dripping with blood. They were cut in a way that that gives you an impression that they were actually meant to be cooked. We also saw two human heads, which makes us believe that the victims are two.”
In an attempt to cover his evil deeds, 42 year old Alhaji Bello attempted to bribe the policemen but going by the Ghanaian constitution, his effort at bribing the police would only worsen his case as he might also be charged for attempting to bribe officers in a bid to prevent the law from taking its course.

source: ghanaweb